Monthly Archives: October 2012

An Open Letter to Ann Coulter

Recently, conservative Republican author Ann Coulter tweeted that she “highly approve(d) of Romney’s decision to be kind and gentle to the retard.” A man with Downs saw it, and this is his elegant and touching response. An Open Letter to Ann Coulter. Advertisements

Surfdome Blogs: Lifestyle and Fashion

Hey everyone, hope you’re having a good Monday. Just to let you know I blog at Surfdome, and the more hits I gets, the more blogs I can write! So please check out my lifestyle ones here and fashion ones here. There will be lots more to come soon too 🙂

Friday Favourite: George Clothing

There is a large Asda near where I work in Wembley, and sometimes after work I walk there to have a little browse and buy some things for supper. They have upstairs clothing department, and everytime I visit, I am very impressed the quality and price of clothes there, which are all very fashionable. Have […]

Felix Jumps

Did you watch Felix Baumgartner jump from the edge of space on Sunday? I was in sunny Salisbury with my boyfriends family and we watched every second. His climb took 2.5hours, and was full of excitement, as anything could go wrong and cause the mission to be aborted. When it finally got to the moment […]

The Everyday Sexism Project

Normally on a Friday I like to keep my thoughts breezy and happy, but since reading about The Everyday Sexism Project, I cannot get it out of my head, and I wanted to hear your views on the matter. The project’s aim is a simple one; “to catalogue instances of sexism experienced by women on […]

Album of the Month: Nada Surf 'The Stars Are Indifferent To Astronomy'

One of my favourite bands of all time, Nada Surf, have just released a new album and a European Tour. I am so psyched, I just bought tickets to see their London show. Here is one of their new songs, but if you have never listened to them before, be sure to also listen to […]

Awesome People Hanging Out Together

I stumbled upon this blog a while back, and it has since become one of my favourites. You can even order prints of the photos, which would make a lovely addition to anyone’s home. Hugh Laurie, Idris Elba and Benedict Cumberbatch And one of my favourites that isn’t on the site but I love it […]