Monthly Archives: August 2012

Turning down social events

Tonight was Friday night. The big one. The one you spend the whole week looking forward to. Everyone in the office is discussing plans, speculating how hung over they’ll feel come Sunday. But tonight, I decided I would stay in, all alone, and just relax. It felt great turning down offers, whereas normally I feel […]

Friday's Song: Gold Panda

Do you have a favourite band or artist that is your little secret? I often stumble upon great songs that have very few views on youtube, but I like that, as it feels personal, like you’ve tapped into some unknown supply of good music. This is how I feel about Gold Panda, a solo artist […]

A few snapshots of the past week


Awash with nautical

Awash with nautical by helloemelsea on Polyvore Jonathan Adler Tape Tape (no title) (no title) (no title) (no title) (no title) (no title) As a land-locked Londoner, fullfilling your ocean needs can be tricky. Sure a trip to the Thames might offer some light, watery relief, […]

Weekend Delights

The first day of a 3 day weekend. Bliss. Although it is only reaffirming my devout belief that all weekends should follow this trio rule, and the morality of Britain would accordingly increase three-fold. I am sure the British powers read this blog, so I can only now wait for the inevitable to happen. While […]

Would you try Ashboarding?

Boarding down an active volcano may not be on your to-do, but maybe it should be. Ashboarding is the latest craze that extreme sports fans are desperate to try, and on a recent CNN poll was number two on the Thrill Seekers Bucket List. A visit to the Cerro Negro volcano in Nicaragua, Central America […]

On becoming a year older

    Today is my birthday, and for the first time I am spending it at work in London, where I live with my boyfriend. I have red nails, an oyster card and feel (almost) all grown up. Later, I have friends from home, University and work all coming to a pub at Hamstead Heath […]